What you should check when you buy your suitcase

The suitcase – things to check when buying one :

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Here is what I check when I need to buy a new suitcase or backpack :

  1. Wheels – If you can’t make your bag weight less than 10 kilos then it better have wheels. At the purchase, check the quality of the wheels, they are a weak point in suitcases. Having good wheels in your suitcase will allow you to walk long distances at the airports and on the streets and it will save you taxis.
  2. Zippers – Another weak point in suitcases is the zippers. Try all of them at the purchase and decide if they are good enough to resist many openings. If you buy your suitcase from a well known company (like Samsonite, Lowe Alpine etc) it should not be a problem but otherwise make the test of quality yourself with the zippers.
  3. Easy access to your belongings – some bags in form of backpack are made in such a way that you have to empty all the content of the bag in order to take out a cloth in the bottom.
  4. Padlock – Make sure you can lock your main compartment in the bag with a padlock. Some of the bags have too many zippers to the same compartment.
  5. Equilibrium – Try to walk with the bag. Some bags are designed badly.

About the Backpack :

It should feel comfortable on your back.


The pocket for the bottle of water, should be deep enough so that it will not fall (too many backpacks have this problem)


If you plan to carry a Laptop  : It’s better if there is a cushioned compartment inside the bag (yes it exists).


A dedicated rope outside the bag, is useful in order to attach a sweater or another item.


Better to have an handle (to hang in public toilets etc)


If there is a dedicated pocket for a wallet, its position should be such that it will not be easy to steal from you, while you have the bag on your back (Not in the rear of the bag).


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