How to find a good Hotel for any Trip ?

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Here is how I search the hotel :

To find an hotel, anywhere, I highly recommend to use
I’m using Booking because :

  1. It has a very good user interface, letting me decide which hotel
    is the best for me (I will explain).
  2. It has authentic reviews of travellers (only guests who booked
    and stayed in the hotel, are allowed to write a review).
  3. It is a serious company with the best prices and you can also
    cancel a reservation (or change the dates) in most cases.

Here is the best way to use
in order to find an hotel :

The Map :

After you fill the dates and your destination, you
will see a Map of the area (look for the Map icon, scroll down the page
if needed). On the Map you will see points representing the Hotels and
if you zoom, you will see the price of each hotel and the score it
received in the comments. Click on the mark to arrive to the hotel page.
The Map feature is good, in order to get fast information about the


The Filters :

After you fill the dates and your destination, On
the left side, you will see Filters that serve to filter the results
according to some criterias. The most useful filter is the price range.

Another filter is the area you want.

Sort by (Important !!) :

When you get a list of the proposed hotels (after
filling the dates and destination) you can sort the result in the order
you want (with the bar on the top). Use the sort by “Review Score” and
will order the hotels by how the guests scored them. Read also the
content of some comments in order to feel the place. Give a priority to
the ones
who received many (good) comments (hundreds), it is more reliable than
an hotel
commented by just two persons.
Technical Note : Do the “sort by” as a last step (to make sure it was
taken into account).

Note :

At the top, you can choose the language and the


Here you can search Hotels with :