What to Pack ? The Visual List to use before any trip


I created this list as an help for preparing the suitcase before a trip. The list should help you to remember to pack all the items that you need and not to forget the cable for your camera (for example). Of course that you may have specific items that are not in this list, but a general category should remind you that. For example a category named “medicine” should remind you a specific medicine that you are using.

I am personally using this list before my trips and it turns out to be very useful. You can read information about my trips on my sites about : Vietnam, Thailand, Barcelona, Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem.

Notes :

  • You probably know that it is much better to travel light , so choose only the items that you need from the list.
  • The list is adapted for a stay in hotels or hostels, not for camping.
  • Also on this site : useful Products for the trip and how to find an Hotel.

On this page, the categories :

  1. Luggage
  2. Electronic Items
  3. Toiletries
  4. Clothes
  5. Swimming & Sports
  6. Sleeping equipment
  7. Laundry
  8. Health
  9. Storage
  10. Repairs
  11. Documents & Money
  12. Miscellaneous
  13. Food
  14. Just Before the Flight, the hand luggage


Main suitcase
Read my recommendations about the main suitcase..
With most airlines, you are limited to 20 Kg in tourist class. (more weight allowed in hand luggage, usually up to 8 Kg)
Bag Name Tag
Attach several of them to your suitcase.
It's just a matter of statistics : An airline can lose your bag and this tag will increase the chances that you will see it again.
Airplane hand suitcase
It is comfortable to have a small suitcase with wheels when you stroll between the duty free shops at the airport, but if you have already a big main suitcase maybe you should just take with you a backpack for the airplane.
Backpack for every day
It should be a multi purpose backpack: suitable to walk in the nice streets and also for the beach. It should be comfortable for the back and big enough to put your laptop inside. Read my recommendations about the Backpack.
You may need more than one, for all the zippers of your suitcases. It is more convenient to chose a padlock with a code system over one with a key.
See my recommendations about this item.
External waist pouch
Use it only in safe places, like an airport. Don't give thieves an incentive to easily steal all your important documents and money.
Money pouch (hidden)
Very Important. It is attached to your belt and it is hidden under your clothes.
See my recommendations about this item.

Electronic Items:

Read why you need a smartphone in your trip.

Camera case

I use my smartphone for reading books.
Electric Razor
Make sure it is suitable for 220 and 110 volts.
See my recommendations for the one to buy.
Hair Cutter (Trimmer)
Don't worry, there are hairdressers all over the world. Take a haircutter only if you use it at home.
Travel Alarm Clock

A back-up for your alarm in your smartphone. You don't really want to miss your flight in a trip.
See my recommendations about the travel alarm clock.
You can take a very small flashlight that doesn't use batteries (it charges with a hand crank).
A flashlight is useful in a trip (hotel, train etc).
Yes, you have this function also in your smartphone.
Laptop or Tablet

Laptop Case

External memory drive for laptop
To backup your photos and other data
USB key
A USB key is good for the backup of data and also to keep your sensitive data separate in case your laptop is being stolen.
Universal plug adaptor
Important in a trip. But keep in mind that it doesn't convert voltages so make sure your electronics devices are adapted to 220 volts and also to 110 volts. See my recommendations about the universal plug adaptor.
Especially important if you use to go to coffee places with your laptop, there is always a shortage of sockets.
Electric cables
For all your electronic devices
Battery chargers
For all your electronic devices
USB cables
For all your electronic devices
For all your electronic devices
Memory cards
For your camera and other devices


Toiletries bag
Make sure it has a loop handle so that you can hang it in the
shared bathroom of hostels.
See my recommendation
about this item.


Tooth sticks or floss



You won't always find your favourite deodorant in all
countries, so take enough with you.
In hotels, you usually receive little soaps everyday.
Soap case

Razor blades

Shaving cream

After shave/ perfume

Travel Towel
You better choose one of these modern lightweight, fast dry
towels made of microfiber. Make sure it has also a small loop so that
you could hang it in the bathroom. See my recommendation about this
Travel Mirror


Nail scissors
It should be a multi purpose scissor (or take 2)

Nail polisher

Make-up (lipsticks...)


Hair dryer
If you take one, make sure it is adapted to 220 and 110 volts.


Trousers/ Skirts

Short Trousers


Choose the ones that are quick to dry and that don't leave
colors during the laundry. Don't take with you clothes that you don't
use regularly at home.




Night clothes - pyjamas

Coat, Jacket




Flip-flops Sandals
Important if you are going to use shared bathrooms in hostels.
Sun Hat - Cap


Sunglasses Case



Winter cap

Swimming & Sports:

Swimming suit
I recommend to do sports while you travel, and swimming is a
great sport. You can find swimming-pools in all big cities in the
Pool Goggles

Pool cap
Obligatory in many swimming-pools, also for men.
Waterproof pouch
For the beach, kayaking, rafting etc...
Beach towel

Other special sports ?
If you are going to visit gyms (or do other sports) take what
you need.

Sleeping equipment:

Travel sheet / Sleeping bag
You don't really need a sleeping bag for a stay in hotels or
hostels but taking with you a bed sheet made of silk in form of a
sleeping bag could be a good idea for use in trains and for other
See my recommendation
about this item.
If you are going to visit many hotels, there is a high
probability that some of your rooms will be noisy.
See my recommendation
about this item.
Sleep mask

Travel pillow
See my
recommendation about this item.


Light cord
Laundry could be a tough issue while traveling. The hotels want you to use their expensive laundry service and they don't make it easy for you to hang clothes in your room. Take a light cord and do whatever you can. Some hotels will allow you access to the roof.
Clothes pins

Laundry soap
You should put all your liquids in small plastic bottles.


Wet wipes

It is a miracle that this product was invented. During a
trip, you can use wet towels to wash your hands, refresh your face and
clean surfaces.
Toilet paper

Analgesic pills

Diarrhea pills

Infection treatment

Throat pills






Lips balm


Your special medicines

cleaning material

Mosquito repellent

There are sprays that you can put on your skin, there are
electric repellents and also mosquito nets that are quite difficult to
hang in a hotel room.
See my
recommendation about this item.


Plastic Bags

Garbage Bags

Storage Bags
Use plastics and bags to nicely arrange your suitcase.
Document case

Coins wallet
If you are going to visit a country with a different currency
from your home, you will strangely accumulate a lot of coins.


Sewing Kit

Safety pins

Super glue
Can be found all over the planet, don't really need to take
with you.

Documents & Money:

Check that your passport has a validity of at least 6 months.
Passport Visas
Check if your need a visa in advance to enter your
destination country.
Flight tickets (Train, boats...)
In most cases the airline will send you by email an
electronic ticket, make a print. Read my recommendations here regarding choosing the flight.
Hotel Reservations

Health Insurance / Travel Insurance
You can never know so make one. Some credit card companies
give you a free health insurance for a limited time but you have to
call them before your trip to activate it.
For some countries and zones.
Passport photos
You may need passport photos for passing borders and
extending stays. Save time and bring some photos with you.
Driver license

Your Special Cards
Student card, Airline frequent traveller etc
Credit cards
Try to bring more than one for backup. Your credit card
should be your main way to get money from ATM and to pay in stores but
remember that any ATM withdrawal will entail commissions from both
banks. The total commissions are in the order of 7% !
You want to use cash abroad instead of the ATM withdrawals
because of the commissions, but you don't want your cash to be stolen.
So on a long trip you must use ATM and keep some cash for any case.
Photocopy of passport and other documents
Do it on papers and if not at least make a photo with your


Travel guide book
The only paper book I take with me on trips. See my recommendation
about this item.


Small Notebook

A4 Papers

You know the Internet was invented, right ?
Teddy bear
Don't leave him alone at home.
Reading Material
Put it in your smartphone !
Or an electronic reader
Information papers (restaurants, recommendations etc)
Take a photo of them with your smartphone.


Plastic Spoon & Fork

Swiss army Knife (for fruits)
Don't put it in your hand luggage, you will have problems at
the security check.
Can & Bottle Opener

Special Foods
For instance, if you are Vegetarian you may want to bring
with you some almonds, nuts etc because some countries are more
vegetarian friendly than others.

Just Before Taking Your flight, What to take in the Hand Luggage :

Snack for the Airport
If you want to save money, take a sandwich with you. The food at the airport is expensive. (there may be also delays with your flights).
Drink for the Airport
If you want to save money, take a small plastic water bottle, because also buying water is expensive at the airports. The security check usually won’t let you pass liquids, so fill the empty bottle from one of the free fountains after the security check.
Sweatshirt for the flight
You may feel cold during the flight.
Toiletry kit for the flights
Consider taking in your handbag equipment for the case there will be long delays in your flights. Put extra pair of underwear, socks, t-shirt, toothbrush, deodorant.
Re-Check the List to Pack
Go over the list and see that you haven’t forgotten to pack something.
Check bag tags
Make sure you have bag tags on all your suitcases with your name.
Check suitcase locks
Make sure you have a lock on all your suitcases.
Don't forget documents & Money
Make sure to take the important documents: Wallet, money, flight tickets, reservations, passports, sunglasses, keys.

Bon Voyage